About Us

LDC was established in 1991 by Bob Lees as RDL Management Services, an accounting and tax practice and over the years has progressed to a practice providing a wide range of accounting, tax, corporate compliance and business management services for companies, close corporations, trusts and individuals.

A decision was taken in 2018 to incorporate a more professional vehicle, a personal services company “incorporated”, in which to evolve this practice and so the business of RDL Management Services was taken over by LDC Accounting and Tax Consultants Incorporated.

In 2012, Michael Phillips established RDL Chartered Accountants Inc. thereby enabling clients to access both auditing and other accounting, tax and corporate secretarial services under the RDL/LDC banner.

Many privately owned companies and close corporations are, under the 2008 Companies Act, exempt from having a statutory audit and both Michael and Bob are qualified to conduct independent reviews and compilation reports of annual financial statements and consequently generate significant cost savings to business owners.

We recognise that businesses are operated to create wealth for their owners and the function of LDC is to provide owners with a comprehensive audit, accounting, tax, corporate compliance and business management service that will enhance value to both their businesses as well as to their personal wealth in compliance with the laws and regulations of South Africa.

Our practice focusses on providing professional financial and business management by offering audit, accounting, corporate governance, income tax and deceased estate administration services to small and medium sized companies, corporations, trusts and individuals.